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In today’s technology driven world, social media has become the front of all conversations and interactions. Keeping in mind the magnitude of social networking platforms, it is complicated and painstaking for fans and celebrities to connect on a personal level. 90% of the celebrities have noted that they would like a single platform to stay connected with their fans.
We have designed and developed the Celeb App to favour easy interactions between fans and celebrities. It helps fans reach out to their cherished celebrities and vice-versa.
Celeb App is a virtual world or social platform for users to have direct interactions with celebrities through an array of features. Celebrities and their followers can come in direct contact, without any unwanted exchange of sensitive information through the Celeb App, which also converts the celebrities’ valuable time into monetary benefits in real time.
Celebrities also have an added advantage of adding another stream of income to their personal earnings and all the more efficient promotion, just with a few clicks on their phones. Celebs can also earn enviably by posting exclusive images/ videos through this app, apart from direct interactions. Celebrities are not restricted to movie stars, Celebrities in celeb app are famous people all over the world coming together for their fans.